Last September, Ingram Sensei attended two kobudo seminars in BC with Tamayose Sensei. He took the test for sandan in Chilliwack and passed. The following weekend, he attended the seminar in Parksville and got lots of training with Tamayose Sensei in small groups, getting a good start on the material he needs for yondan.

March B&B

We had good attendance at the March Brown and Black Belt Seminar held in Victoria. Myryja Friesen passed shodan. Congratulations Myryja!

Iaido Taikai in Kyoto

Ingram Sensei travelled to Kyoto this spring to train with Kuze Sensei, our Katayama Hoki Ryu instructor, to grade for rokudan and to compete in the Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei Taikai held the day after the grading. We are glad to say he passed his rokudan but he also took the gold medal in the godan division at the taikai.

After the even in Kyoto, Kuze sensei and two of his students, Taya san and Kano san, came to Vancouver to put on a seminar. Carolyn Steel-Lane came down from Whitehorse for that and Ingram Sensei stopped on his way back from Japan to attend. This was a wonderful, intense three day seminar with attendees from Montreal, Calgary, Hawaii and Vancouver. This was our first seminar with Kuze Sensei and we are really hoping he can come back soon.

There are newspaper articles from the Whitehorse Star and the Yukon News. Sensei also did a personal blog of the trip, the Japanolog, that you may enjoy reading.



From left: Don Shapland Sensei, Sensei Mike Scales receiving nidan, Tamayose Sensei, Ingram Sensei receiving sandan


Sensei and Myryja with her new black belt


Kuze Sensei's dojo. May 2015


Carolyn taking one to the head at the Vancouver seminar with Kuze Sensei.