Kobudo (KO-boo-doe) is the study of traditional Okinawan weaponry. We are part of the Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan under Tamayose Hidemi Sensei. We recommend that you have some martial arts training before you start weapons to ensure you have the basics of stance and movement. The basic weapon we practice is the bo or six foot staff.

Rob Ingram is the instructor. He holds a nidan in Tesshinkan.

Kobudo Sundays 1 to 2 pm at Selkirk St. School

L-R: Sensei Tom Mah (Kelowna), Sensei Mike Scales, Sensei Ingram, Tamayose Sensei, Sensei Don Shapland (Chiliwack), Sensei Norm Losier (Hope) at Chiliwack Gasshuku, 2012.